Unjust World #Gaza




I was asked to talk to the world
In the language they know
About the truth.
They say I must try to wake them up.
Make them see and listen.
I say no.
A world that needs someone to tell them,
“It’s wrong to kill children and women.”
Must rest and discuss global worming, with an o.
I’d rather save my voice
To comfort the child
And the mother that mourns,
The man who saw his house turn
From shelter to ash,
And the bodies of his family burn along.
I refuse to waste what is left of me
On defending my right to exist.
The world was told so many times
It decided to keep the dark
And blow out the candles instead.
Who needs light when darkness takes over
It is an unjust world
I refuse to take part in
I’d rather stay under the wreck
With the memories I have built
Than stand on a stage
And show my rage
My people are dying
And you are trying
To be convinced
You give reasons why murder is okay
You give speeches when a child being an orphan is fine
When bombing a hospital is the only choice left.
You ask me to tell the world what?
Wake up?
Dude they are a hopeless case.
Because they need reasons to be convinced
Why a human must be allowed to exist.
I no longer seek refuge in the world
I hereby announce myself an outworld.
And my people and I, hell yeah, will never cease to exist.


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