A Quest For Peace in the Middle of a War

2014-08-06 09.27.18

I can’t see. The electricity is off and the city is dead. All I can see right now is a far and dim light coming from the Islamic University’s roof which is somewhat near my room. The city is silent – not entirely, though.  The clock, so useless, hanging above my head is ticking; the drones continuously droning. Daylight is long until unfolding. I can’t sleep; you can figure that by now. I have no way of telling what time it is: the hour, I can tell, is so dark and late and scary. I can hardly see the paper I am writing on: it is no longer blank (that’s all I can tell).

I am not scared. I still cling to, after 25 days of war, some lovely thoughts that I am using as time killers. I don’t know for how long this war is going to last. But I miss light breaking through the darkness of the night (an allusion to electricity of course). In wars, it is not about fearing the bogymen under the bed, or in the closet. No, it is about those monstrous aliens hovering in your sky: shooting everything, killing anything. No silence. No sleep. No serenity.

Darkness is a writer’s worst enemy. I am blindly filling these sheets of paper hoping to find something reasonable when the light of the sun, so hated by the people of summer, (I really don’t remember how I started the sentence and have no light to check so I don’t know what proper grammar to use to finish that sentence). Note that we haven’t had electricity for more than four days; therefore, all cell phones are dead, all flashlights are dead, all laptops are dead and there is absolutely nothing left except that light of hope _ that springing from my university.

Now I wonder how valuable or important proper grammar is. I wonder what time it is. I wonder how much longer I’ll have to wait. I hope these sheets are not used before; it’s not even my notebook. I wonder if the pen I am using is working properly. I can see ink, but am I saying anything that is fathomable? Read? I wish I were Sleeping Beauty or Sleeping Hideousness for what it’s worth the sleeping part is what matters more. I want to sleep without having to worry about war. I just saw a flash. Here comes the bang. Wait for it, yes: BANG. I shall rest now and count the seconds until morning comes. Peter Pan’s happy thoughts. Trying to keep my happy thoughts. I am not sure how many more I still have left.

Time: Unknown.

Date: Lost track of dates.

Day: Friday Morning.

Sun still hasn’t shone.


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