Once, For..Ever.

Imagine the following:
A Palestinian mother was killed by an israeli bomb. It shattered her to pieces. But the child saw her last whole. The little girl sits at her window. Stares at the sky, the full blue moon covered by the clouds. Half orange, dark orange, half dark, half white, half all the colors combined. She listens very carefully. She tries to reach the stars as she hears her mother sing a lullaby, a berceuse:
“When the right moment comes,
Our moons will collide.
When the right time is here,
Our stars will align.
And we will be together..
Once.. And.. forever.
Once.. And.. Forever.”
She keeps hearing: Once.. and.. forever.

She sleeps on the wreck of what is left of the house. Holds the half burned photo. Mutters: Once and for ever. Once and For ever, mama.


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