Khaled by Mohammed Matar – a story of friends #Gaza


UN is calling for a conference



Khaled Sahmoud was targeted by Israeli war drone while he was riding his motorcycle.
Khaled Sahmoud was targeted by Israeli war drone while he was riding his motorcycle.

ــ Hello
ــ Hello

“How are you, my friend.” I said

“I’m alright. How about you?” Khaled said

“Good, we’ve evacuated our house, you know how dangerous the situation there. Yesterday, they showered us with their US missiles. I couldn’t sleep because of the explosions.” I said

“May God help you and your family, my friend.” Khaled said

“Say Khaled, what do you think of what happened to the Shijaiyah neighbourhood?” I said

ــ That’s genocide.

“I know, may God help those innocent people. Oh, right, tell me about your place. Is it safe there? No damages? You can come here to the UN school to live for a while. I know they are inappropriate for humans to live, but at least it’s safe here.”

ــ  A UN school has been targeted by Israeli warplane a few minutes ago.

“Hhhh. Don’t you worry. We’re safe, we’re in the safest place.” Khaled said

ــ  Paradise?

“But, I heard that the troops are invading the east area of Khan Yunis.” I said

“No, they are still far away. We’re safe. Don’t worry.”

“Ok, do you want anything? Don’t hesitate.” I said

“That’s so kind of you, Mohammed. No thanks.” Khaled said

“Aha, I should go. Keep me posted.” I said

“Sure, thanks for calling, man.” Khaled said

“C’mon! You’re my closest friend! It’s my duty to check on you. Don’t say that. Most importantly, take good care of yourself.” I said

ــ Bye

Two days after, I heard the news that Khaled was targeted by an Israeli drone while he was riding his motorcycle. Khaled Sahmoud is 20-year-old student. He was studying Mechanical Engineering in the Islamic University of Gaza(IUG).

ــ Is riding a motorcycle a growing threat?!!

Israel will continue its assaults against Palestinians as long as US continues its support for this systematic injustice program under the observation of a lopsided international court. Palestinian in Gaza are going to suffer as long as Israel deals with the issue by what-is-mine-is mine-and-what-is-yours-is-negotiable principle.

ــ I don’t want condemnations
ــ I don’t want UN-conferences
ــ I don’t want foreign aid

“I want my Khaled back.” I said.


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