The sun goes down
As the dawn prepares a visit
Not too long
Until it’s gone as well

We’re lost in time where no
Now exists
But a past and a possible future

There’s light in the dark
But no darkness in the light.

There is the shadow of a moment
Passing by the shadow of a life
And the shadow of passengers
On this ride

Until one last breath is taken
One last goodbye is said
All to the world of peace
Are driven.

I sit by the river and gaze at emptiness
And stuff myself with nonsense
And hear the birds
And pretend they call for me
When I know they’re not

I see the passing flash of a star
Shooting towards emptiness
I feel the rhythm of the wind
As it whispers nothing to my head

I long for solitude in the rush
And the havoc of the self

I long for peace and serenity
And a garden of poetry
Where poems are the leaves
And my words are the fruit
And I, the gardener, sleep
Knowing that although dawn will come and go
I’ll see it breaking the dark, shattering it to nothingness.

I will witness what comes once every day
But only few can truly see.


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