A Sip of Music

When the waves take control

Over this feeling

Of rapture and joy,

When all our dreams

Seem so true

And so much they matter,

A moment of silence

Amongst a crowd of chaos

And nosiness,

A second, so dim, like a light of a stopping car,

A second that smells so good like the knocking on a door;

And a beautiful sound spoken by the little piece of paper

Hanging on the shadow of a broken window:

When morning has just found its way to my heart;

The warm rays of the moon

And the cool, chilly rays of dawn;

The beauty of a passing light

And the existence of one inside,

And the pure smile of relief

Once a sigh cannot hold its peace;

And the rain, and the drops of water;

And the train, and the lost passengers

And the missing piece of the riddle

Which resides in the heart

Where everything matters:

You, me and the world ahead of us.


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