Human: No Longer Abstract

Where am I on a map? I am not sure I could find myself. I actually couldn’t, I checked. I am not talking about the city, the country, the continent, the planet, the galaxy or whatever goes beyond that.

Where am I on the map of this world? What have I done? What can I do?

I must say that this world is very sad. It is sad. It makes me sad.

I was thinking so hard about how angry I was at something only to realize that, “Ok? So? Let it go,” and only then did I realize that life is pretty simple and pretty easy though sometimes it’s pretty ugly.

What’s the worst that could happen? We’d die? Ok? What’s new about that? We’d survive? What’s new about that? We’d have to go through hell? What’s new about that?

How many people have lived their lives so miserably and died so happy? And how many people lived their lives so happily and died miserable?

We don’t know. Precisely! No one knows.

Only they know; only they knew.

So why don’t we live life the easiest, simplest way possible? Why don’t we just move on so easily when troubles happen. Why do we have to ruin beautiful relationships because of stupid mistakes? And why do we have to be so full of ourselves? So fearful? So stupid?

We can just live life the way it is and enjoy it.

We can play it simple. Enjoy it simple. Have it simple.

Why do we have to complicate things? Why can’t we just walk along the road without having to cross different unneeded paths?

Why don’t we wake up every morning, look at ourselves in the mirrors and say, “It is going to be a beautiful day in shaa Allah. I have everything I need or else I wouldn’t be standing here. Today is going to be alright. I am going to love, be loved. Care, be cared for. Smile, and cause laughter. I am going to be. Today, I am going to be.”

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we do so?

I know my life would. *I know my life would*


Pierced Soul: Untouched

Burning breaths as they slowly reap

The last words of a stolen soul:

Something beyond the blink of an eye,

And beyond the understanding of a heart;

Like a river of deep melodies

That play on the sound of beats :

As they echo, as they pierce

The flow of emotions

One mind can’t escape from.

I ran on the wings of poesy

Because all I needed was to ascend.

I could not fly, escape gravity;

So I did what I could:

I took my chances

Against all odds,

And I flew, I soared.

I saw an end and I saw a means,

I saw a beginning drawing near:

The heart and the soul

Wish to be pierced

And the mind needs to be assured.

And there is something so tensed:

Something left in the depth

Of a sinking boat

Looking for a harbor,

Of a rising star

Waiting for a wisher,

Of me. Of my soul:

Unpierced. Untouched.

So stuffed. So glued.

So healed. So loved.

So truly true.