Pierced Soul: Untouched

Burning breaths as they slowly reap

The last words of a stolen soul:

Something beyond the blink of an eye,

And beyond the understanding of a heart;

Like a river of deep melodies

That play on the sound of beats :

As they echo, as they pierce

The flow of emotions

One mind can’t escape from.

I ran on the wings of poesy

Because all I needed was to ascend.

I could not fly, escape gravity;

So I did what I could:

I took my chances

Against all odds,

And I flew, I soared.

I saw an end and I saw a means,

I saw a beginning drawing near:

The heart and the soul

Wish to be pierced

And the mind needs to be assured.

And there is something so tensed:

Something left in the depth

Of a sinking boat

Looking for a harbor,

Of a rising star

Waiting for a wisher,

Of me. Of my soul:

Unpierced. Untouched.

So stuffed. So glued.

So healed. So loved.

So truly true.


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