Seasons of Life

Seasons changed

And only then did I notice time:

I saw the leaves falling;

And I felt the wind as it broke through

My veins;

And I felt snow slipping off buildings

Catching my spirit as it flew,

As it fell,

And as I felt:

Burning in the flames of

Despair and hope,

Fluctuating unaware of what I had

And what I must hold.

I had resided in my solitude

And wished for comfort

In the melodies of the birds,

Which I could no longer hear:

Their lost whispers.

I whistled in despair for the stars to hear my cries;

Those who stole the only living breath I ever took:

The one when I saw

Them glimmering in the dark

In the gloom

When life seemed like nothing but a dull

Melody that kept repeating the same tune.

There they were to show me hope with my own eyes,

There they were telling me the secret of life.

I am now as I was then

But they are not where they should be.

I am lost with no hope

And there’s not one star that could save my soul.

Then I felt the warm breeze

Though the night was cold;

It was the moon’s beams

That showed me where I stood;

And then I realized that light has always been

Where it should;

Not in the stars;

Nor in the moon;

Light is always in the heart

Where no matter how cold it gets

It makes sure you are warm.