Crashing Soul

The shadows are whispering your name

Telling you to hide or suffer the pain

And you tell yourself, “It’s not real;

It’s just a nightmare,” and realize that

Nightmares are not less true than dreams.

And you hit yourself real hard,

Convincing yourself to wake up;

“Wake up, wake up!”

But you fail to hold on to that voice.

And fall to the floor and hit your chest:

Something inside crushed;

You feel your ribs ripped

You hear your soul crust.

“Lights, turn on the lights!”

But no one can hear you;

No one can keep you safe.

“It’s not dark,”

The shadows tell you,

“It’s not dark,”

They repeat.

“You’re not alone,”

The shadows whisper,

“You’re not alone,”

They scream.

And you feel hands around your neck

Feeling your pulses.

“What happened?”

Other voices are shouting,

“She’s asleep,”

They say.

Then you open your eyes and hardly 

Make shadows out of them

“It was just a nightmare,”

You whisper,

“I was just asleep,”

You state.



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