Found, Fixed, Bold

Have you ever felt lost? Hurt? Bent?

If yes, have you ever tried to rise again?

To fight despite the wounds

And walk despite the cuffs?

Despite the Ah’s and Oh’s?

Has it ever felt deep

That the world was too small

And you were too big to fit in?

Or perhaps you were too small

And the world cared less.

Has it occurred to you

That the Sun may shine again

If you were the Heir of your time?

Or that you shall be the Son

Of nature’s favorite burden:

Air of dawn.

Like a ribbon of a long ride of dreams,

Red or blue depends on the souls.

Like a metaphor lost between an as or a like,

It feels funny to follow the path after loss;

It feels hard to decide which way it is

Because the compass gives no directional sense.

It all started when you  first fell

And tried to get up but could not.

It all starts when you fall again

And ends when you decide to stay

Lost. Hurt. Bent.