Of Love and People

Our love is ever green,
Is ever serene
Like a morning cup of coffee,
And a late cup of tea;
Like a row of stars
Aligning like a bunch of scars
Fading as morning appears.

Our love is ever beautiful
Like a lake is never mournful:
There’s always somebody
Calling her, “Pretty.”

Our love is the shades
When hot sands
Burn our feet
And we can’t handle the heat.

Our love is the first day after flu
And our last day at school;
Our love is like the first tune
Played by a mute.

Our love is ever green,
Is ever growing:
Like the tree we planted;
Is ever existing:
Like the breaths we’ve taken:
They’re everywhere.

Our love is a representation
Of a young child’s imagination
Of Beauty and friendship,
Of liberty and kinship.

Our love is ever green
Because love is a sentiment
In everyone’s genes.

Our love is ever existing
Because you and I are everyone
And because everyone is we.


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