Dimmed Glance of Light

I read a story – a couple of times;
I heard the melody  you sang inside.
There were thoughts roaming around your eyes
And I could see the sparkles win through my heart;
There was time I thought I knew where I stand –
But here I am crawling around –
Waiting for a stop.
I took my breath and held it inside;
But the world was going so fast;
I tried to breathe; I tried to see
But like when am in a car
And the speed takes me away.
I try to look closer around
To find a fixed point –
To hold on to the ground –
But am flying;
And am searching;
And right when I thought that I am wingless
I found a way to soar
Inside of me.
I found a way to run mountain tops
Without losing.
Because –
I found preciousness
I found a glimpse of hope –
Flickering in the reflection of your
Dimmed eyes
As they flared
In mine.


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