Betwix Darkight

The First raindrop is always the hardest – the happiest
She falls to the ground of desperate souls
And lights their fire.

The First sun-ray is always the warmest
Embraces the thoughts of hollow men
Brings them to peace and laughter:
The sun is finally here.

The first child is always the loudest,
For before them was silence
And without them silence remains.

Force your breath inside for when
Life takes over
You shall have nothing but a whisper –
So dim like the sound of a distant trumpet.
Firsts will always be the bestest –
No matter how many laters
Are built with heartjoys and heartbreaks.
Heartaches: they create darkness
That overtakes the wrinkles
Of too much smiling
And too deep laughter.

Eyes folded and breaths stolen:
Open your eyes and feel the gloom
Spreading in your lungs

For they have caused you so much pain.
Feel the rage and plan your revenge
For it has come:
Your age of victor.

Bring your sword of memories
And dive it deep in your wounds
So the past is never forgotten
And the future is never hoped for.

Weep. Weep and let your heartache echo
In the lands of lost souls –
For it has come
Your age of victor.

Tear the walls of ease and never go to peace
For your pieced heart shall never be pierced
With words of comfort.

Shake. Shiver. But never listen.
Heat your fires and cool your aspires
And run: run. Here is never a home for people like us

Aye, It has come
Your age of victor.

Alas, a serpant has infected your soul
And pain has made you heartless
But I can hear a dim beat – not so distant.

Frosty emotions with care grow back
Better than earlier
– earlier than a morning sunrise.

Cliches like ‘dawns follow darkest hours’
Are not so when downs are our constant companions:
It has come
Your age of spring and comfort.

Harshness may cover your heart

But beneath the pain and hurt

There lies what not a lot have:


Let the ice melt, and the ache

Fade, for when it is set:

Life will give you a save,

One more breath for an ever-after

Of sweet memories,

Of heated emotions,

Of a story:

Love will grow, in your heart, eventually.

Light that candle and whisper to your thoughts:

I am here and so is hope.

I shall not let the wounds of what was once

Break me to pieces for long.

I break free from darkness,

I embrace the light;

Fires inside us will sometimes spread

Brining our souls to the end

But with the help of brightness

We amend

The breaks and burns of our inside.

Tempting gloom can erase our flare

But hear me out, one more thing:

Life is hard and so are people,

This ride will never be joyful

But with passion and dedication

Nothing can really hurt you.

Hold on hard,

Hold on to yourself:

This is not the actual end

But your beginning

Of age of comfort and your spring.


مسافة نفسٍ

البعد شر البعد بعد الحياة عن الموت

بيني وبينك شعرة وحجاب أشد

ظننت أنّ قصر الحياة سيغنيني عن اللقيا

.حتى وجدت الحياة قد طالت وطال بها الشوق

ما بال النفس يفصل بيننا؟

.والنفس قصير وطوله طال الزمان موعدا

هذه جنة بيني وبينها مسيرة

وهذه نار أخاف لو مسني ريحها

وأجلس في زاوية الشوق

 أنادي: يا ربّ، يا ربّ القلب قد حنا

.وليس باليد ما يشغلها

شوقٌ كالشوكِ بل أشد وطأة

وروحٌ يتذبذب بها السعي

تارة تسير سير الغزاة  يومَ ميسرة

ِوتارة تهرب في جزعٍ من المسير

وأنا أسيرُ هذا الزمانِ وهذا المكان واللقيا

وقلبي تخسفُ الأرض به والسما

وأقع على أرضٍ تُنادي: يا ربّ

لي ثمرةٌ قتلتها الريحُ

أفلا عجّلت اللقاء بيننا

،فتكون بين ثنايي وفي أحضاني ها هنا

فأردد قولها في نفسي خائفة: يا ربّ

 لي روحٌ كنت قد قبضتها

أفلا عجّلت بيننا اللقيا

فأكون بين ذراعيه أبدا

.ويحتويني في جوفه والفؤاد سرمدا


Go – Stay – Go!


Hold! Behold. Beauty is unspoken of,

Un-seen, seen with eyes of – darkness,

Of Light?

Break, those – Why?


They whisper,


It’s cold.

I can feel it with my hands.

It is cold.

I shiver, multiple times – more;

It is cold.

The world surrounds us

Suffocates us

Breaks us –

Hold. Behold! Beauty is;

Light comes in shapes of purple –

And blue?



i whisper.


It’s cold.

You make me cold.

Beautiful not I in your eyes, eyes of darkness

See naught light.


It’s cold.

You make it cold. `

Stay – is what i am trying to say.


As One


Those tears as they glitter in the dark

When everything is black and pure is gone

Those coughs every couple of breaths

Because the heart breaks

Once, twice…

There is a melody in the back of my head

Something that does not make sense:

A memory holding on

A memory fading away.

As you get all of it

And you release half of it

It sicks in your bones

It sticks too deep inside

A sad goodbye

A never ending farewell

There still might be a chance

For roads to cross again.

We take on different paths

Hoping life would treat us best

But we know deep down

How it would have been

If we held on a bit longer

To what we could have seen

As a whole,

Not two,

As one.

Of Love and People

Our love is ever green,
Is ever serene
Like a morning cup of coffee,
And a late cup of tea;
Like a row of stars
Aligning like a bunch of scars
Fading as morning appears.

Our love is ever beautiful
Like a lake is never mournful:
There’s always somebody
Calling her, “Pretty.”

Our love is the shades
When hot sands
Burn our feet
And we can’t handle the heat.

Our love is the first day after flu
And our last day at school;
Our love is like the first tune
Played by a mute.

Our love is ever green,
Is ever growing:
Like the tree we planted;
Is ever existing:
Like the breaths we’ve taken:
They’re everywhere.

Our love is a representation
Of a young child’s imagination
Of Beauty and friendship,
Of liberty and kinship.

Our love is ever green
Because love is a sentiment
In everyone’s genes.

Our love is ever existing
Because you and I are everyone
And because everyone is we.

Each on His Own

Those sad eyes

And rosy cheeks;

The red nose

And racing beats.

The cold hands

And chilly shake;

The distance

And the mistakes we make.

I feel the world wrapping me inside

Trapping my emotions like a jungle ride.

I hear your voice

And hum along;

I don’t know the words

But I feel like I belong.

Let me get closer,

So I could hear you better

And tell that it is going to rain

That the sun won’t shine again

I am not going to lie to your face

It will never be the same.

So let it all wash away

Let the tide erase the pain

For all I could hear from this day on

Is a beat of what was once before.

Take a deep breath and release it all:

Today we start each one on his own.