Filled With Gaps

By: Nour O. ElBorno

A hole in my heart makes it whole again:

Two holes instead of one fill the stuffed

Corners with gaps.

It Makes it easier for blood to run

Instead of having no room for it to roam:

From a cell to another,

From a prison to the next.

It floats inside like a flat

Floating on a third floor

In a twenty-storey building

Full of stories, too.

One about loss, the other about finding

And a third missing as the person is gone as well.

The will of creating harmony between

My red cells and white ones

I find myself taking no side

As I have lost some inside

Due to the stuffed corners

Which were filled with gaps.

It’s not easy to survive

Nor is it easy to stay alive

Or live.

Survive; alive;

Live broadcast from the heart:

Run before there’s no place to hide.

Here are some tips to hear before

You go to the wild:

Wild animals can be shaped like pets;

So close to you and great at thefts;

So dear to your heart

And hurt you best.

Fear the squirrels not the bears

For bears can be seen: so slow, so big.

Yet the squirrels can run: so fast, so small.

Hide above a tree and you fall,

Behind it and you’re exposed,

Beneath it and you’re gone for good.

It’s good to stand before it and fight;

If then you end up beneath it,

You wouldn’t have left for nothing

Thus your grave will lift a legend

Not just a passing myth.

You will have lived and died

Not just died and once again died.